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Case-Star Replacement Wheel 531#2533Q01012P-11P_C1

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With these replacement wheels you can replace the existing wheels on your suitcase in case they have been damaged or no longer run smoothly.

Generally, it is recommended to replace all wheels of the suitcase at the same time. Should you wish to replace only one wheel it is important to know that the wheels come in different orientations (Left and Right). Please check below information to determine which wheel orientation you need.

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The tools required to perform the repair depend on how the wheel housing is attached to the shell.

If the wheel housing is attached to the shell using screws you only require a phillips screwdriver to perform the repair.

For suitcases where the wheel housing is connected to the shell using rivets you will need a drilling machine as well as a rivet gun with matching rivets. In such cases we recommend letting a professional perform the repair. Please contact our service team to get more information and to find a nearby repair store.

Not sure how to distinguish if your suitcase uses rivets or screws? Read more here.

Should you not have the tools to perform the repair with you can add the required tools to your order and they are delivered together with your spare parts.

The warranty terms of most luggage brands only cover material and production defects. Damages caused by third parties such as airlines or regular wear and tear are usually not covered by the product warranty.

In such cases you can however purchase the necessary spare part from suitcase.repair!

We also cooperate with many brands for the handling of warranty cases. Check the following page to find out for which brands we can help you with warranty claims.

Your parcel will contain all the spare parts you have ordered as well as a QR code which will lead you directly to our repair guides.

Please note: Your delivery does not include screws. As the screws used to connect the spare parts to the shell are typically still intact, the original screws from your suitcase can be re-used.

Should you require additional screws or repair equipment (e.g. screwdriver or pliers for zipper repairs) you can add them directly to your order.

To ensure a smooth and straight rolling motion, it is highly recommended to replace all wheels of the suitcase. This will prevent any potential height differences between the wheels, which can lead to uneven rolling or faster wear on the new wheel.

Does this spare part fit my suitcase?

Every suitcase model has it's own spare parts and there are no universally fitting spare parts. While many spare parts may look identical the shape or the positioning of the screws may not match your suitcase.

Use the search bar below to confirm that this part matches your model and profit from our unique Suitcase.Repair Fitting Guarantee:

This spare part will fit!
close-red Unfortunately this spare part does not fit your suitcase. Use the search bar on top of the page to find spare parts matching your model.

Note: The check will only work for the original part and not for alternative spare parts.

Choosing the correct wheel orientation

To maintain uniform height and prevent increased wear, it is recommended to replace all wheels of the suitcase simultaneously. However, if only one wheel requires replacement, we offer separate wheels with two orientations to perfectly fit onto the shell.

Use the images below to determine if a Left (L) or Right (R) wheel needs replacement. The second image shows the suitcase bottom when lying on its backside with the logo facing upwards. Pay attention to the wheel orientation in the product description above.

How to perform the repair?

In most cases the repair only takes few minutes and basic tools. In our repair guides you will find step by step instructions on how to replace the damaged components of your suitcase with the newly ordered spare parts.

Note: For suitcases where the wheel housing is attached to the shell using rivets instead of screws we recommend to let a professional perform the repair. Read more here.

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The below spare parts are likely also fitting your suitcase. As it is not the original spare part for your suitcase we can not guarantee the fit of these parts. Important: Choosing one of the below alternatives all wheels have to be replaced.